Saturday, 9 May 2015

The Girl of my Dreams

I know the exact time that
our eyes first met.
From that moment you were in my heart.
But I had to ignore that raging doubt,
that, some day, we would have to part.

I’d do anything for you.
You know I would.
I’d give my heart, my life, my money.
I’ve done it all once, and I’d do it again,
to hear you laugh at one of my funnies.

This new man that you’ve met.
He’s half my age.
He’s got muscles where I’ve got fat.
He’s kind, polite and he treats you well.
I don’t like him. Nor does the cat.

Now you want to marry
this perfect man.
When you told me your face did shine.
It took me back to that very first day,
when your eyes first met mine.

Now I look at you,
With him in church
And my eyes, they begin to water.
You make a good couple, you really do,
and you’re a wonderful, wonderful daughter.