Sunday, 29 May 2016

The Unity Barrier - Part 1

A Host was having a party. It was to be a terrific party. Quite the best, most wonderfully marvellous perfect party that had ever been had. Everyone would love being at this party for the party was love itself.

Many people came to the venue of the party that day, but when they got there they opened the door to find a barrier in the way. Many turned away at the thought of having to get around the barrier. It wasn’t that it was a difficult barrier, it was just that some thought it impossible to believe that there would be a great party on the other side, others objected to having to overcome a barrier of any sort and chose to turn away, and others got annoyed and decided to have their own party.

The few that chose to overcome the barrier, did it in different ways. Some climbed over it, some under it, and some around it. All who got passed the barrier found exactly what they wanted and needed, and they started to enjoy the party.

The party atmosphere was wonderful from the start, but in one corner, an argument broke out about whose way was best to enter the party. Some of those who had climbed over the barrier were saying the discipline of the climb meant they deserved to be at the party more than others as they had earned their right to be there. The ones who went under the barrier argued that it demonstrated true humbleness to be that lowly and it was a sign of how grateful they were to be there. The ones who went around to the left of the barrier said they had shown real creativity and that’s what parties were all about and if you weren’t going to be creative at a party what’s the point of being there, and the ones who went to the right of the barrier said they had demonstrated a real desire to do things in the right way, and anyone who didn’t do things the right way should be thrown out.

No one could agree and all had forgotten the party was love itself.  

The Host stepped in. “STOP!” he said. “There is no need to argue. The barrier at the entrance to the party was put there to be certain that those who truly wanted to be here would be here and those who didn’t would not come in. You do not know this but I named the barrier Unity, as all who overcome it are united in wanting to be here. How you got here is not that important. The fact you are here with me is very important. Enjoy the party, for the party is love.”

The guests at the party, stopped arguing and put their differences aside and enjoyed the party, for the party is love.