Friday, 14 August 2015

How do you believe?

How do you believe?
A simple one man sketch performed with the use of hats to show when each person is talking. There are only two characters.

What do you believe?
Funny you should ask that. I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve written it down.
Ok, this is that I believe.
I believe in the one living and true God, creator, preserver and ruler of all things, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Him alone I worship, and in him I put our trust.
I believe that God, in his infinite love for people, gave his eternal Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, who became human, lived on earth in perfect love and obedience, died upon the cross for our sins, rose again from the dead and lives for evermore, saviour, judge and king.
Oh! That’s err
I’ve not finished yet
I believe that, by the Holy Spirit, I receive through faith the forgiveness of sins, newness of life as children of God and strength to do his will.
I believe in the one holy, catholic – although I’m not a catholic -, apostolic church, wherein by the same Spirit, I am, with my brothers and sisters in Christ, made one Body of Christ to worship God and serve him and all people in his kingdom of love.
In the fullness of time God will renew and gather in one all things in Christ.
(Looks expectantly)
(Looks blank - Maybe side glance at audience)
(Looks even more expectantly)
(Looks confused and nervous)
(Looks extremely expectant)
)Smiles back)
When I learn something I like to see how it’s done.
(Sighs with relief) That’s a relief, all I know is since I believed in Jesus my life has changed and I have peace and people who care around me. Come with me. I’ll show you.
It’s good to know what you believe – vital to know what you believe. It’s just as vital to be able to show people as well.

Let’s Pray
Thank you Jesus that you came and showed us what to believe and taught us how to behave – to love one another. Lord, we come before pledge to learn about you through the Word, to grow in you through our worship, and to know you better through our prayers.
Holy Spirit we invite you in. Please lead us deeper into God.