Sunday, 14 May 2017

The Tree and the Wind

There was once a tree standing near a beach. It longed to see a world , but it couldn’t reach.

And it talked to the wind, as it weaved through its’ leaves.

“Oh how I would love to be free” exclaimed the tree 

“But I am rooted to the ground, and no way out can be found, 

for me to explore the sea”

And the wind in its love for the tree replied “I can take you outside. 

I can set you free, to be more than a tree, Come join with me”

The tree agreed, and at once it was freed. 

The wind spoke out, and from his lips, the tree became a beautiful ship.

And the wind said come, let’s see the world. And the tree said “Gladly, it’s sails unfurled.

The wind filled the sails, and land slowly paled…

Back into the distance.

The wind and the tree, they sailed the seas. Without a care, in everything they shared.

But then one day as they lived this dream, the tree saw a boat driven by steam. 

“Let us go talk to the boat” said the tree.

And lovingly the wind blew and agreed.

As they approached, The boat looked down at the tree.

And said you’re a strange thing, You are not like me.

How do you move, how do you know where you’re going?

The tree said “I go where the wind is blowing.”

The boat replied, “Oh really, that does sound odd,

What you need is a rudder” he said with a nod.

“A rudder, can help, and you can steer,

It will give you control, and take away fear”

The tree gave it thought and said “Good idea”

Then boat asked “How do you control how fast you go”

The tree said “The wind looks after me with a blow” 

The boat replied “Controlling your speed, is a must, you can’t go relying on a winds gust”.

The tree took the sails and put them in stores. The tree gave it thought and grew itself oars.

The boat looked down and said “Wow how you’ve grown. Now you’ve grown up, go out on your own”

During all this, the wind looked on.

The wind loved the tree just like a son. 

And the wind always wanted the tree to be free.

The tree started rowing and using the rudder,

and started off slowly and with a shudder.

Soon the tree got itself under control

It just needed purpose and to have a goal

But as it searched for a reason to be,

The tree got lost, in the midst of the sea.

The tree stopped and looked there was no one about,

It was scared and fearful and began to shout,

“Help me!” The tree cried. Its oars by its side.

It’s true, I now know, A rudder is useless with nowhere to go. 

The wind heard the cry, And blew in to try…

To reassure and help the tree.

The tree was ashamed and tried to hide

But the wind loved the tree and came alongside.

And said … 

Come with me, let’s see the world. 

Come be free let your sails unfurl.

Let me fill your sails, and as land slowly pales... 

Back into the distance. 

And You will know both you and me, we can sail any sea, and be without fear and without care, and in everything we will share.