Thursday, 2 June 2016

The Unity Barrier (Part 2)

The guests were all enjoying the party, for the party is love. They were enjoying it so much, those outside of the party wanted to come in. The Host was happy for others to join the party and as the door was unlocked they were free to join.

When those outside opened the door they saw the barrier and as before many turned away, for the same reasons as before, but also, as before, many persevered and climbed over, under and around the barrier.

As new people entered the party the guests who were already there became wary of the newcomers and in some cases resentful. The reason for they felt this way was because of change. Many of the existing guests didn’t like change as it challenged their preconceived ideas of what a party should be. Again they were forgetting the party belonged to the Host and they had said ‘the party is love’.

So, what was upsetting the existing guests? Well, some new guests danced more wildly and freely than the existing guest which challenged their perceptions of how to be free. There were some that came in and just rested because they either needed to or just enjoyed partying that way, whatever the reason it really frustrated the existing guests. Some of the new guests ate more food for they were hungrier than the existing guests which they thought unfair, although there was plenty for all appetites. Others found new foods that challenged the existing guests taste buds, and they didn’t like to be challenged to try new things, especially when the old things worked perfectly well. Some new guests started playing different music in different styles, which the existing guests found difficult to accept because they believed the party rules clearly stated there were certain styles of music that could allowed. Different music had to be played outside the door.

The music was the last straw for the Host. He stood up and said “STOP! The party is love and the party is for all who have entered in. Have you not understood? The barrier you entered through to get in is called Unity, which means you are united in love. I lam the Host and I love all who overcome the barrier and come to the party. Why are you creating more barriers to people entering the party, only the Host can judge how you should party. Now go and party so that more outside the door may hear how wonderful and marvellous the party is and will want to come in. There is room and plenty for all at the party. For the party is love.    

And there was singing, and there was dancing, there were games, and there was rest, and there was food a plenty. For all loved the Host, and all were united in love.